Barcelona 31.3. – 2.42011

I visited Barcelona for business but as usual I try to find some time for photography. The reason to be in Barcelona was ExpoEcoSalud and people I need to meet there. Additionally I did a “store-check” visiting a few organic shops. There is quite a few and it would be perfectly possible to survive in Barcelona on an organic “diet”.

Organic shop and restaurant "Wok" in on Ronda de la Universitat

The organic market and restaurant Wok on Ronda de la Universitat is a must visit for any food enthusiast visiting Barcelona. It is a combination of organic shop and an organic restaurant. In the picture I am waiting for my tofu salad – which was truly delicious.

I took a lot of photos in the shops I visited – mainly with my iPhone, but photographically and as a tourist I decided to focus on Gaudi and based on a recommendation on Casa Mila.

Lamp post on the street outside Casa Mila

The lamp post in the photo is outside Casa Mila. You’ll find a photo of Casa Mila from the street in my Smugmug.








Casa Mila, Gaudi

Staircase in the inside courtyard of CAsa Mila. What makes the photo a little more interesting I think is the reflection of the opposite wall in the window.








Gaudi's inspirations from nature

In the attick there is a show describing how Gaudi worked and what were his sources of inspiration. Nature does have superb shapes.




On the roof of Casa Mila









Bedroom in Casa Mila







Casa Battlo by Gaudi







Stealing a pose outside La Sagrada Familia








La Sagrada Familia










Selling art outside La Sagrada Familia







La Sagrada Familia photographed from the other side of the pond