Street photography in Amsterdam

Today in Amsterdam. Strolled around for a few hours doing street photography before getting to the hotel.

Tänään Amsterdamissa. Muutama tunti katukuvausta.

 (Photographer: Erkki Poytaniemi) (Photographer: Erkki Poytaniemi) (Photographer: Erkki Poytaniemi) (Photographer: Erkki Poytaniemi) (Photographer: Erkki Poytaniemi)

Familiar flag but strange color…. Uyghurs demonstrating against China on Dam Square.

 (Photographer: Erkki Poytaniemi) (Photographer: Erkki Poytaniemi)

Amsterdam in black and white

And a few more from the weekend in Amsterdam, rendered to black & white.


And a few more at smugmug.

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Amsterdam boats – Amsterdamin veneet

On Saturday 24th September it seemed that everyone with a boat in Amsterdam was out on the canals partying. All kinds of boats to small to quite big…

The swans are also on the move.

Boat full of young having a party….


More at my smugmug site.

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Amsterdam bicycles – Amsterdamin pyörät

Nobody knows how many bicycles there are in Amsterdam. In the following photos just a few of them that we saw while riding the bike… There is a lot boats too – the next posting will be about them. 

Here’s a Citroën DS too. I believe the best place to see them is Amsterdam.

We were in Amsterdam on 24th and 25th September. I’ll post more photo’s at my smugmug site.

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Amsterdamin pyörät

Amsterdamin pyörien paljous ja monimuotoisuus on ainutlaatuista. niiden vangitseminen kuvaan on sitten eri asia. tässä muutama esimerkki. kahden tai kolmen lapsen kuljettaminen tangolla ja ohjaustangolla on kuitenkin vielä kuvaamatta, samoin kuin lastenkuljetuslavat… ehkä ensi kerralla.