Thames by night

View south from the Golden Jubilee Bridge, London’s Eye, Big Ben and the Parliament. If you look carefully you can see lots of red flags beneath the Big Ben. The Tamili were demonstrating for piece in Sri Lanka. No reporters were present so people came to me – because of my camera and tripod – asking weather I was a reporter.


Samana iltapäivänä Lymingtonissa laskuveden aikaan. Tapanilla pitäisi olla paljon lintukuvia sillä 100-400 millinen oli hänellä.

Same afternoon in Lymington during low tide.

Boxford in Newbury

Täällä Tapani ja Iiris asuvat Englannissa. Kuvat heidän tyypilliseltä koiralenkiltään. Viimeisessä kuvassa Uri istuu heidän pihallaan.

This is where my brother and his wife live in the UK. Pictures from a typical morning walk. Their dog Uri is sitting on their yard in the last picture. It was taken by the last lens I have bought: the Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/4-5,6 USM using 10 mm. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to get the whole yard in the picture. The church yard is also with 10 mm (but I have cropped the pic a little), the street with 17 mm. So pictures I wouldn’t have been able take before.

Port of Portsmouth

On arriving to the UK we visited Portsmouth with my brother and his wife. Some pics from the port.

Vesilintuja Regents Parkissa – Waterfowl at Regents Park

Regents Park in the middle of London is quite an amazing place for birding. An amateur like me was able to get 26 species – mainly waterfowl – of birds in front of my camera just by visiting the lake at the park one afternoon and one morning, both times just about 1 hour. This was the 15th and the 17th March 2009. To see many of the birds it would otherwise be necessary to travel to various places around the world – of course in this case they are not in their natural habitat. I have added a few pictures below taken with my Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lense except for the landscapes which I took with the EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM. I have added a list of all the species I spotted with my camera below the pictures in Finnish, Latin and English (pictures of the ones marked with a star). It did take a few hours to identify all of them. Obviously there where some additional species went undocumented as uninteresting so probably I could have easily spotted over 30 species.

Lontoon Regents Parkissa kuvattuja lintuja – luettelo havaituista lajeista alla. Tähdellä merkityistä ohessa kuva.

Harmaahaikara – Ardea cinerea – Grey Heron
Tiibetinhanhi – Anser indicus – Bar-headed Goose
Lumihanhi – Anser caerulescens – Snow Goose *
Punakaulahanhi – Branta ruficollis – Red-breasted Goose
Afrikanhanhi – Alopochen aegyptiacus – Egyptian Goose
Ristisorsa – Tadorna tadorna – Common Shelduck
Punapäänarsku – Netta rufina – Red-crested Pochard
Lapasotka – Aythya marila – Greater Scaup *
Punasotka – Aythya ferina – Common Pochard
Tukkasotka – Aythya fuligula – Tufted Duck
Heinätavi – Anas querquedula – Garganey
Sinisiipitavi – Anas discors – Blue-winged Teal
Punatavi – Anas cyanoptera – Cinnamon Teal
Punanokkatavi – Anas capensis – Cape Teal
Patagonianhaapana – Anas sibilatrix – Chilöe Wigeon
Uivelo – Mergus albellus – Smew *
Isokoskelo – Mergus merganser – Common merganser
Harjakoskelo – Lophodytes cucullatus – Hooded Merganser *
Kuparisorsa – Oxyura jamaicensis – Ruddy Duck
Alli – Clangula hyemalis – Long-tailed Duck
Pikkutelkkä – Bucephala albeola – Bufflehead
Telkkä – Bucephala clangula – Common Goldeneye
Haahka – Somateria mollissima – Common Eider
Nokikana – Fulica atra – Eurasian Coot
Nokivaris – Corvus corone corone – Carrion Crow
Sepelkyyhky – Columba palumbus – Wood Pigeon *